Stuck in your ways? Feel like you’re going no where? Read on to find out how you’re wasting your time, or to find out how I slowed down my future.

  1. Putting money before your education. You don’t need to blow off college for a measly 3 hour shift. Nothing is more important than your education.
  2. You don’t need to drink at every opportunity, you have many years to do that.
  3. Apply to university! Even if you don’t want to go yet! You can differ until you’re ready. You don’t want to be like me, out of college with nobody to help you with UCAS applications.
  4. TV IS NOT EVERYTHING. Go outside, see your friends. You won’t have much chance to relax when you’re no longer a teenager. Even when you’re relaxing you know there is always that feeling of needing to do something urgently.
  5. Study as much as you can. Any questions that pop into your mind, not just what’s been assigned to you. There is no limit to knowledge.
  6. Sleep in, but not too much. Lie ins are great and everyone needs plenty of sleep, but wasting every day sleeping what are you going to look back on?
  7. Don’t care what other people think. You’ll grow up to not give a damn about insignificant people, so start that process earlier! You don’t need to care about everyone.
  8. Don’t go out of your way to hurt someone, try to avoid it completely. Honestly you’re only gaining a nasty reputation.
  9. Stick with your hobbies! The amount of things I’ve given up that I wish I could do now. Hobbies are great, everyone should have some.
  10. Explore your options. You aren’t born to live a certain way or certain idea. You’re possibilities are endless, try everything you want to.

I hope what I’ve learnt helps you.

Much love