So this is my debut post, my ‘Grand Opening’ if you will. I have a brief explanation of why I have created my blog in the ‘Nosy’ section.

I have just turned 20, never been to university (still hoping to go though), in a dead end job, no savings, living in an awfully boring town, typical 20 something stuff going on in my life.

However I know exactly what I want to do with my life, in fact I have two plans. My dream is to work in the film industry, preferably making films. My whole life has been leading up to it, every subject I have chosen, every club, throughout school and college was heading that direction.My other dream career choice would to do theatrical makeup, again another film industry dream.

A big dream of mine is to move to London. It’s my dream city, my favourite place to be.

This post has distracted slightly from an ‘About my blog’ to an ‘About me’, so to get back to the point this blog will just be a little out let. Some times it’ll be helpful hints, favourite things at the time, movie opinions, rants and maybe a few life updates. Maybe it’ll follow my life till I make my dreams a reality, or maybe I’ll stick with it and you’ll all witness my dreams stay just that, dreams. We won’t know for a while.

I’ve had a laptop for a while now so it’s about time I started using it for something usual rather than just Tumblr. popstars