I love makeup. Most people do. 

I never used to care, I grew up with two brothers so I was set in my tom boy ‘bras are embarrassing’ ways for a LONG time.

Nowadays however, I’m obsessed.

I would say my love started in year 9, better known as the beginning of my ‘scene/emo’ phase. I must say some days I’m still in this phase. I started with the classic ‘found on youtube tutorials’ rainbow eyeshadow. I can’t find pictures of that ‘iconic’ look (quite sad) but I’ve found a *gem* from back in the day.

emo The emo-eyeliner and foundation that could not cover a single blemish was definitely a bad time for me; but I’ve come a long way since those days  (I’m sad to say this was year 11).


Still not my best makeup (check those 2015 eyebrows) but just an example of how much my skill progressed in 3 years. Not to be vain but that eye makeup was pretty bomb and at least I’ve finally found a foundation that’ll cover my permanently red skin. Rosacea is a pain to deal with, you really can’t go a day with out foundation if you’re planning on leaving your house. 

sexy-mofo dp

2016 has definitely been my year with makeup! I’m still improving, I don’t think I’m the best thing out there but I’m getting pretty good if I do say so myself. Skincare is my main focus right now. I want to get the canvas in the best condition to get my makeup less flawed.

I love doing my pretty makeup but my favourite thing to do is messy, ugly special effects makeup. I completely a course on SPFX makeup from 2014-2015 and I must say, despite not getting along with many people on this course, breaking my hand half way through the year and absolutely hating my teacher, I adored this course!

I got to experience a lot of things I never thought I would before and I also learnt how to create a lot of interesting looks. 

My absolute favourite section of this course was ‘Casuality’. I learnt how to create some gruesomely realistic injuries. 

I am most proud of the electrical burn if I’m honest, it just looks so realistic. Honestly if you’re interested in makeup there is nothing more fun than special effects! Everyone should try it out.

During this course we put on a fashion show. This was an experience in itself. It was very fast paced and we had to completely change the looks of our models in a very short time. We had to create two looks ‘Carnival’ and a movie theme, lucky for me the group I was in got one of my favourite films to create looks for, Moulin Rouge.

Unfortunately I can’t get the images to share with you guys, they are on my instagram if you’re interested (@checkmeoutimahobbit). This small section was more to share my experience of part of this course. On subject if you ever get an opportunity that you’re unsure about just take it. I am quite an anti-social person. I almost didn’t sign up for this course and when I’d almost finished I tried to drop out. What I’m saying really is an age old lesson, don’t give up you will regret it.